From the Godfather: Week 16

Thu Jul 11 5:07pm ET
Contributing Writer

Here we go, the second half of the MLB season officially begins. Who will be playoff contenders and who will be pretenders? The answer to those questions will make some teams active, trading for that player to help them win it all. And some teams will be peddling players to plan for the future.

The coming week is basically broken into two parts, Thursday through Sunday, and Monday through Sunday. Over the 11-day period, some leagues will treat it as one period and some leagues will break it in two, so I’ll look at the week(s) ahead to cover both options.

Texas is at Houston for four games, starting Thursday. They are the only teams playing Thursday. Every other team plays three games over the weekend with the exception of Tampa and Baltimore, playing a doubleheader on Saturday. So those four teams will play four games while everyone else plays three, so if your league allows changes after Sunday, make note of this advantage.

Starting with Monday, two teams will only play five games, Seattle and Baltimore. NIne teams will play six games; Washington, San Diego, Pittsburgh, New York Mets, Miami, Chicago Cubs, Arizona, Oakland and Minnesota. Every other team will play seven games in seven days. The excitement starts in Colorado with a doubleheader against the Giants on Monday. After Tuesday and Wednesday games, the Rockies head to New York for three games with the Yankees. As far as inter-league play the next 11 days, no American League team will lose a DH as all inter-league games are in American League ball parks. The Rockies will gain a DH in New York as will the Dodgers in Boston, Mets in Minnesota, Arizona at Texas and Washington in Baltimore.

As we hit the All-Star break, it’s a great time to analyze your fantasy teams, and make decisions about what it will take to get your team in the money or prepare for next year. As I look at some of my teams, I see good and bad things. The bad, my tout wars mixed league team. Sitting in last place, I can blame injuries and bad luck, but it was probably more poor drafting than anything. A 15-team league, next year's draft position and FAAB dollars are effected by this years finish, so I need to improve. I have only one reliable closer, Blake Treinen, and with Liam Hendriks doing a creditable job while Treinen was out, he’s barely credible. I’m hoping Billy Beane trades him to a contender needing a closer (Atlanta, Texas, St. Louis, etc) to get his trade value back up for me, but I need to move him for offense.

My FSTA league sits at the top of the standings, thanks mainly to partner Vlad Sedler’s managing things. We’re in fairly good shape and no major moves seem needed right now.

In a local league where I’m currently tied for third, which has locked rosters but allows for two changes during the all star break, I traded Teoscar Hernandez for D.J. LeMehau and Sean Doolittle for Lance Lynn. The latter seems like a strange move, but I was in a strange situation. It’s a traditional 5x5 league with nine pitchers. I have Kenley Jensen, Shane Green and soon to be Red Sox closer Nathan Eovaldi, who I could keep for $.10 next year. Doolittle would cost $6.00. I don’t need the saves, my ERA and WHIP are good, and I needed the strikeouts. What would you have done?

More to come Sunday, looking ahead to the first full week back after the break. Enjoy the weekend!

Charlie Wiegert was the sixth person to be inducted in the Fantasy Sports Hall Of Fame in 2001. He is a founder of CDM Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports Trade Association. He has been playing and winning fantasy baseball leagues since 1984. If you have any questions for Charlie, email them to Follow him on Twitter @GFFantasySports.

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