Welcome to the 2017 Fantasy Football Season!

2017 is our 23rd season providing the best, most comprehensive fantasy football commissioner service on the planet, with customer service that is unmatched anywhere!

Important Notes

If you are a returning member, your teams, rules, schedule, etc. have been saved for this year. In addition, we have archived your last standings, rosters, scores, and more. If you stated that your league is a "keeper" league, then your last rosters will be present this year.

If you are an owner or commissioner and have a personal account, your password can be retrieved using the Forgot ID/Password link on our home page.

As always, we are offering our customers a 10% discount if payment is made online or postmarked by June 30th.

About RealTime Fantasy Sports

In 1995 we introduced a simple website with a simple concept: Allow fantasy football players to track their games completely via the web. No downloading software, no scouring stats in a newspaper, no more waiting days to get results. 23 years later we have evolved -- thanks to your support and suggestions -- into the fantasy sports service thousands of leagues enjoy today. Providing services for users who range from Majors in the Armed Forces to Major League Baseball players, we have added tons of new features, rule enhancements, and much more. This year is no exception.

Last Update: September 28, 2017
New Features for Football 2017
Draft Guide
  • Add Player Notes to Draft Guide
    Scrollable player notes page and module on home page. Available on the web version
    as well as both android and iOS apps.
  • Breaking News Notifications in Draft Guide App
    Add the ability to push notifications to the Draft Guide App in both iOS and
    Android. This would be reserved for breaking news for high-profile players, for
    example, when a top 10 RB goes down in training camp with a season-ending injury.
  • Draft Lobby Chat Bot
    Set up a series of automatic responses to commonly asked questions in the draft
    lobby chat rooms. For example, What are auctions and slow drafts? How do I get out
    of a league? What if my league doesn't fill? How do I contact a live person?
Live Draft
  • Add auctions to API for FantasyPro tools
    FantasyPro's draft analyzer and draft assistant tools are now compatible with
    auction style drafts.
  • Ability to dowload draft results in Excel
    Ability to download draft and auction results into Excel (csv format). Implemented
    for football, baseball, and basketball.
Money Leagues
  • Give options for slow draft clock time
    In money league slow drafts, allow customers to create drafts with clock times of
    2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.
  • Trade Arbitrator
    Implement Trade Fair technology to review and evaluate trades to ensure they are
    reasonable and fair. If Trade Fair rates the trade as acceptable, the trade will be
    approved. Conversely, if Trade Fair rates the trade as unacceptable it will be
    vetoed. Note: previously all trades could be vetoed by other owners in the league.
  • Convert site to HTTPS
    Entire site converted to https to ensure integrity of the website as well as
    safeguarding privacy and security of customers information.
  • More timely player notes
    Change our process to automatically publish player notes instead of having a human
    in the loop. Will provide much more timely player notes for the customer.
RTSports App
  • Numerous improvements to v2 of Free RTSports App
    Many improvements, both big and small, to the RTSports App for all devices
    (including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets). App will have numerous bug
    fixes in addition to many new functions, including Trading, Add/Drop, Waivers, Scrolling
    Player Notes, Message Board & Push Notifications.
Waiver Wire
  • Drag Drop waiver claims on touch devices
    Waiver claims can now be re-ordered on touch devices. Hold finger on claim row for a
    split second, then drag and drop.
Features planned for Football 2017
  • Continue migrating pages to new architecture
    The goal for 2017 is to get all football related pages migrated to the new
    architecture. This would include consistent menus, and responsive design. There
    will also be additional customization options (colors, logos) added to numerous
    pages for 2017.

    The only exception to this is the League Wizard pages, which will likely be
    completed in 2018.
  • Rework trading pages
    Update trading pages to match the new architecture's menus and responsive design
    that will work on all sized devices.