Nickname: HC_Frost
Fantasy Player Rank: #281
Fans: 24
Foes: 2

18 Money League Teams

ChampionshipTeam Batman TFC 1inFantasy Championship 8/16 7:00PM
ChampionshipTeam Batman TFC 2inFantasy Championship 8/19 11:00AM
ChampionshipTeam Batman TFC 3inFantasy Championship 9/5 10:00PM
ChampionshipTeam Batman TFC 4inFantasy Championship 9/6 11:00AM
RTFFCTeam Batman RTFFC 1inRTFFC Green 2
RTFFCTeam Batman RTFFC 2inRTFFC Green 7
RTFFCTeam Batman RTFFC 3inRTFFC Black 12
RTFFCTeam Batman RTFFC 4inRTFFC Blue 8
RTFFCTeam Batman RTFFC 5inRTFFC Red 7
RTFFCTeam Batman RTFFC 6inRTFFC Platinum 2
RTFFCTeam Batman RTFFC 7inRTFFC Silver 8
AudibleTeam Batman 125-1inSmoke Em if you Got Em
AudibleTeam Batman 125-1 2019in2019 Slow Roll JOIN
AudibleTeam Batman 125-2inIts Always Sunny In the Draft Roo
AudibleTeam Batman 50-1inLast Chance to Dance
AudibleTeam Batman 50-3in$50 AUDI RTFFC STYLE
AudibleTeam Batman DM-1inYou Won
AudibleTeam Batman DM1inSeriously Last Resort

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