Nickname: Rage82
Fantasy Player Rank: #1924
Fans: 18
Foes: 2

12 Money League Teams

All-AmericanDemBoysinWant To Have A Nooner
All-AmericanHydeNgoZekeinSunday stoners
All-AmericanJustinRageinPlayaz Club
All-AmericanJustinUtterOneinFF Today
All-AmericanRageinMidway Monsters
All-AmericanRage 420inHand Of Doom
All-AmericanRage winsinDab Like Cam
All-AmericanRageBiddinginWednesday Auction
All-AmericanYour Majestyinslug mode
AudibleAaronsNemesisinSlow Draft DM 4 hour clock
AudibleRAgeinDiamonds and Auctions Last Foreve
AudibleRageDMinAudibles R Us

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