Nickname: 9Route
Fantasy Player Rank: #88
Fans: 73
Foes: 9

11 Money League Teams

Audible9 RouteinSFLEX or die
Audible9 RouteinSFLEX or die
Audible9 RouteinPre-Season
Audible9 RouteinUniversal Consciousness
Audible9 RouteinLate night SFLEX
Audible9 RouteinOpening Fireworks
Audible9 RouteinJuly2ndEarlyA.M.
Audible9 RouteinAudibles R Us
Audible9 Routeinlate night d
Audible9 RouteinSaturday night stoners
Draft Masters9 RouteinSpeed Drafters

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Playoff9 Route-1in2017 Dash's ONE and DONE
Playoff9 Route-2in2017 Dash's ONE and DONE

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