Nickname: 9Route
Fantasy Player Rank: #59
Fans: 73
Foes: 9

32 Money League Teams

Championship9 RouteinFantasy Championship 9/6 1:00AM #
Audible9 RouteinDraftWay
Audible9 RouteinJoin for a fun
Audible9 RouteinMFL Late Night Quickie
Audible9 RouteinDraftWay
Audible9 RouteinWhere the
Audible9 RouteinHurry for fun!!!
Audible9 RouteinWho's drafting
Audible9 RouteinMidniteDrafting
Audible9 RouteinMid August Blues
Audible9 RouteinSlowNGo
Audible9 RouteinTry Try again
Audible9 RouteinPead signs 3 year deal
Audible9 RouteinKickers Lives Matter
Audible9 RouteinAnotherSlowDraft
Audible9 RouteinTaco Tuesday
Audible9 RouteinConcussion Protocol
Audible9 RouteinSlow Draft for short pocket dweeb
Audible9 RouteinFill the Diaper
Audible9 RouteinHammertime Free Agent Frenzy
Audible9 RouteinDiaper League...Slow style
Audible9 RouteinRosen's Quest for 1001 drafts in2
Audible9 Routeinsaturday night fever
Draft Masters9 RouteinLast Minute Draft
Draft Masters9 RouteinLate Night Draft Show
Draft Masters9 RouteinDraft It Quick
Draft Masters9 RouteinThursNiteDM
Draft Masters9 RouteinFourth And Long
Draft Masters9 RouteinThe Quickie
Draft Masters9 RouteinDraft Crazies
Draft Masters9 Routein1st Slow Draft

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