Nickname: BigDRoon
Fantasy Player Rank: #243
Fans: 11

30 Money League Teams

All-AmericanBad matchupinJust do it noob
All-AmericanCheckTheScoreinFantasies Dues Come True
All-AmericanHateNfearinThe Showdown
All-AmericanMismatchinMIller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanPacManinThe Juke is Loose
All-AmericanRoon4inWinner Take All
All-AmericanRoon5inFootball Fans who stand for the f
All-AmericanRoontown5000inWall Street of Fantasy
AudibleFootballSnagsinPuff Puff Pass
AudibleRoon8thpickeverytimeinSaturday Cheapo Draft
AudibleRooneys1stTryinThirsty Thursday Free Beer
AudibleRoonsArenain12 Team 4 Hr Slow DM 10/25
AudibleRoonsARookinChampionship Hoops and Drafting
AudibleRoonsGoonSquadinno way need 25 rounds and dual fl
AudibleRoonsnakesinRosen and Sarge MIA
AudibleRoonsRooksinLeave Our Guys Alone Sarge
AudibleRoonsSnagsinMuskrat Love ❤️ vs Sarge
AudibleTeam RooninDez On The Move
AudibleTeam roon2inDon't b scarred
Draft MastersCakesinSit and Go 20 XXVIII
Draft MastersCheckTheScoreboardinSit and Go 20 XXI
Draft MastersRoon3inBest Ball Live
Draft MastersRoon6inMonday Night Football
Draft MastersRoon8thpickdminSit and Go 20 XVII
Draft MastersRoondm1inSit and Go 20 LXXIII
Draft MastersRoonstacksinSit and Go 20 XXXII
Draft MastersRoonsTDclubinSit and Go 20 XVI
Draft MastersRoonTowninSit and Go 20 XIX

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