Nickname: CBase70
Fantasy Player Rank: #370
Fans: 3

24 Money League Teams

AudibleAUTODRAFT 2020inMonday Night cheapo
AudibleAUTODRAFT 2020 2inMonday Night Audi
AudiblePrestige 2020 1-30inFriday Night Delight
AudiblePrestige 2020 2-11inBATTING .500
AudiblePrestige 2020 2-16inBubbles Bubbles Bubbles
AudiblePrestige 2020 2-23inTime2Draft
AudiblePrestige 2020 2-27inThursFun
AudiblePrestige 2020 2-29inCORONA WITH LIMEZ
AudiblePrestige 2020 2-8inGround Control to Major Tom
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 2-17inThe Corncob bar mitzvah County Fa
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 2020inAB Dat U in DA Closet ?
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 2020inSaturdayn hight Audi
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 2020inSaturday late bestball
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 2020inLets Draft
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 3-25inSocial Distancing
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 4-1inAudiTime
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 4-29inNo Draft Dodging...Join the Army
AudiblePrestige Worldwide 5-25inRemember
Draft MastersPrestige Worldwide 3-27inDraft Night Draft
Draft MastersPrestige Worldwide 4-27inPost Draft Auction
Draft MastersPrestige Worldwide 5-14inThursday Night Auction
Draft MastersPrestige Worldwide 5-19inLeague of Champions
Draft MastersPrestige Worldwide 5-23inWho wants to be a millionaire
Draft MastersPrestige Worldwide 5-3 inSunNiteAuction
Draft Slot123456789101112

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