Nickname: Colormelucky
Fantasy Player Rank: #373
Fans: 2

42 Money League Teams

All-American47 GapinFantasy Football
All-AmericanA Kupp of GoffeeinSaturday Night Action
All-AmericanAC GamblersinSleepers and Busts
All-AmericanAces UpinSnakes on a Plane
All-AmericanBrandin IroninDeep Threat
All-AmericanCalling the Kittle BlacinStl small Ballerz
All-AmericanClaim JumpersinAloha League
All-AmericanClaim Jumpers AAinHump day auction
All-AmericanColormeluckyinTrades and Auctions :p
All-AmericanCountry DumbinAll-American NOW II
All-AmericanD. Adams FamilyinRow The Boat
All-AmericanDeath from AboveinMumbo jumbo
All-AmericanDink and Dropin49er Gold
All-AmericanDon't take the GurleyinThis is the NFL
All-AmericanDoubting ThomasinJake's in College!? We$t$ide $ubm
All-AmericanDuke 'em Nuk 'eminAll American
All-AmericanElementary Watson.inMadden20
All-AmericanFeed the ZekeinBig TD lovers
All-AmericanGalloping GhostsinWalter Payton Football League
All-AmericanGold DiggersinThe All-American
All-AmericanGround and PoundinInstant Kamara
All-AmericanGurley InterruptedinRed, White and Blue Fantasy
All-AmericanHead CasesinBeer, Burgers and Football
All-AmericanHellfightersinThe Road to Glory
All-AmericanHolding OutinHere We Geaux!
All-AmericanHTTRinDo You Have What it Takes
All-AmericanJohnson & JohnsoninTerminators
All-AmericanKamara ShyinJust Bring It
All-AmericanMudslingersintrading times
All-AmericanNeverland ExpressinFromundercheeze
All-AmericanNUKlear ProliferationinThe Devil Wentz Down to Georgia
All-AmericanPerfect StorminThis is the Year!
All-AmericanProspectors 1inMiller genuine
All-AmericanProspectors AAinSaturday Night FB
All-AmericanProspectors AA TinFall Fever
All-AmericanPsyclonesinTen 0 Clock Fantasy Football Leag
All-AmericanRolling the DiceinSideline Booger
All-AmericanRub of the GreeninDream Makers
All-AmericanThe Brown NoiseinPeaches and Cream
All-AmericanThe Cook and the Baker.inSporting them TD's
All-AmericanToo Many Cooks in the KinSemper Fi
All-AmericanTriskaidekaphobiainThose Who Stand For The Flag
Draft Slot123456789101112

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