Nickname: CrustySockPuppet
Fantasy Player Rank: #157
Fans: 37
Foes: 2

52 Money League Teams

DynastyClermont CrusadersinSuperFlex Dynasty
AudibleFerda 1inPostDraftAudi
All-AmericanAmicalola Falls Fire StinTaco Tuesday
All-AmericanAmicalola Falls Fire StinSame old
All-AmericanAmicalola Falls Fire StinNFL Draft Eve Auction
All-AmericanBig City Slams 1inThe Rise of Stink Finger
All-AmericanBig City Slams 2inMonday Blues
All-AmericanBig City Slams 3inMay the 4th be with you
All-AmericanClermont Chillers 1inPost Draft Draft
All-AmericanClermont Chillers 2inBolts Should move back to SD
All-AmericanClermont Chillers 3inCOVIDcrazy
All-AmericanClermont Outlaws 1inSomething
All-AmericanClermont Outlaws 2inBolt up
All-AmericanClermont Outlaws 3inShow Me the Money
All-AmericanSchmelts 1in4 hrnotrade
All-AmericanSchmelts 2inSlow Draft V
All-AmericanSchmelts 3in(not) Tax & Stimulus $ Day Draft!
All-AmericanSouth Lake SmugglURs 1inTHIS ISN'T FERRELL'S LEAGUE!
All-AmericanSouth Lake SmugglURs 2inFriday Night Lights
All-AmericanSouth Lake SmugglURs 3inWednesday Delight
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 1inBest Ball Championship 1166
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 10inBest Ball Championship 1493
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 11inBest Ball Championship 1494
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 12inBest Ball Championship 1500
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 13inBest Ball Championship 1510
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 14inBest Ball Championship 1516
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 15inBest Ball Championship 1515
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 16inBest Ball Championship 1525
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 2inBest Ball Championship 1184
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 3inBest Ball Championship 1270
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 4inBest Ball Championship 1351
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 5inBest Ball Championship 1395
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 6inBest Ball Championship 1410
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 7inBest Ball Championship 1455
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 8inBest Ball Championship 1473
Best BallGive UR Balls A Tug 9inBest Ball Championship 1488
Big LeagueNuke Laloosh 1inBL 30 4hr VI
Big LeagueNuke Laloosh 2inBL 30 8hr VI
Big LeagueNuke Laloosh 3inBig Bats Bigger Balls
Big LeagueNuke Laloosh 4inEast Coast
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 1inTP 20 4hr IV
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 2inWalk Me Home Tonight
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 3inAngels In The Outfield
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 4inEarly Bird Special
Draft MastersURnightmare 1inBest Ball 20 4hr IX
Draft MastersURnightmare 2inBest Ball 20 4hr XXIII
Draft MastersURnightmare 3inBest Ball 20 4hr XXIV
Draft MastersURnightmare 4inMON FUN
Slam DunkJackie Moon 1inaloha League
Slam DunkJackie Moon 2inPick n Roll
Slam DunkJackie Moon 3inPick and Roll
Slam DunkJackie Moon 4inFab Four
Draft Slot123456789101112

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonPhil Landfill KrundleinBeer League Specialist
Full SeasonRandall Pink FloydinDazed and Confused
Full SeasonClermont CrushersinUSFFL

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