Nickname: CrustySockPuppet
Fantasy Player Rank: #123
Fans: 51
Foes: 4

30 Money League Teams

DynastyClermont CrusadersinSuperFlex Dynasty
All-AmericanIvar the BonelessinEarly Draft I
Best BallAC's Window LickersinBest Ball Championship 2967
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 1inBest Ball Championship 2781
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 2inBest Ball Championship 2811
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 3inBest Ball Championship 2812
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 4inBest Ball Championship 2831
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 5inBest Ball Championship 2844
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 6inBest Ball Championship 2874
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 7inBest Ball Championship 2878
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 8inBest Ball Championship 2885
Best BallDieter Von Kunth 9inBest Ball Championship 2904
Best BallTug Muhnuts 1inBest Ball Championship 2910
Best BallTug Muhnuts 2inBest Ball Championship 2911
Best BallTug Muhnuts 3inBest Ball Championship 2915
Best BallTug Muhnuts 4inBest Ball Championship 2938
Best BallTugger Meplums 1inBest Ball Championship 2934
ShootoutCrustySockPuppet 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutCrustySockPuppet 2inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutCrustySockPuppet 3inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
Best BallGashouse GURillas 2inBest Ball Championship 7
Best BallGashouse GURillas 4inBest Ball Championship 19
Draft MastersGashouse GURillas 1inBest Ball 20 4hr XVI
Draft MastersGashouse GURillas 3inHappy New Year! late
Draft Masters3 Balls and a DickinSit and Go 4hr 20 I DM
DimesJackie Moon 1inDimes Best Ball 11
Draft Slot123456789101112

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonPhil Landfill KrundleinBeer League Specialist
Full SeasonRandall Pink FloydinDazed and Confused
Full SeasonClermont CrushersinUSFFL

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