Nickname: Csjknavs
Fantasy Player Rank: #767
Fans: 1

45 Money League Teams

All-AmericanApplesauceinLiving in a Fantasy World
All-AmericanArcherinGame time
All-AmericanAzzhatinThe Motley Crew
All-AmericanBigBirdinFantasy Fireworks!
All-AmericanBlueballsinTGI Fantasy
All-AmericanBowHunterinZeke in Mexico
All-AmericanBowhunter2inChain Gang
All-AmericanBowhunter3inJust Bring It
All-AmericanBowHunter4inOnly the Strong Survive
All-AmericanChubby1inMonday Monday 2
All-AmericanChubby2inTuesday afternoon
All-AmericanChucklesinIn the Zone
All-AmericanCigarFreakinMorning East Coast Drafters
All-AmericanDeerslayerinFast Times
All-AmericanDropsinAuction Aces
All-AmericanFruitloopsinFast n Furious II
All-AmericanGhostinJudgement Day
All-AmericanGhost2inFantasy Street League
All-AmericanGhost3inDream Makers
All-AmericanGhost4inlate night thriller
All-AmericanGhost5inTaking your money
All-AmericanGhost6inAfter Lunch
All-AmericanGhost7inSouthern Fried Football
All-AmericanGimme1inCategory 5 Drafters
All-AmericanISUKinSux 2 B U
All-AmericanMailmaninDirk Diglers League
All-AmericanMailman2inTraining Camp Heroes
All-AmericanMailman3inPork and Beans
All-AmericanMailman4inWeekend Wariors
All-AmericanMailman5inSharks and Minnows
All-AmericanProzacinAir Raid Fantasy
All-AmericanSoberideinThe Black and Blue Division
All-AmericanTelyowifeiluvherinTailgate Party
All-AmericanUncleRicoinAll American
All-AmericanZeppelininThe Draft
Draft MastersAabb2inFrostbitten Toes
Draft MastersZeppelin 2inNo Luck for you
Draft MastersAabb3inPrime Time
Draft MastersAabb4inFrank Reich N Stein
Draft MastersChuckerinPlymouth Rock Classic
Draft MastersChucker2inVIPER BB DM SNAKE
Draft MastersChucker3inNecessary Roughness
Draft MastersGimpyinBest Ball NOW LXXXI
Draft MastersProzac2inBest Ball NOW XII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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