Nickname: Foticcine
Fantasy Player Rank: #1250
Fans: 2

42 Money League Teams

AudibleBonnie and Clyde IIinMidnight Xpress
AudibleLollerskates XXinOrenthal Just Dust in the Wind?
AudibleLollerskates XXVIIIinWest coast S-Flexers
AudibleLollerskates XXXIVinSuperFly $50 x2
AudibleLollerskates VIIIinLickin the Spoon
AudibleLollerskates XinMax A/C SuperFlex
AudibleLollerskates XIIIinFlex Flex Baby
AudibleLollerskates XIVinSunday Funday
AudibleLollerskates XIXinFriday Night Lights
AudibleLollerskates XVinSaturday Night football drafting
AudibleLollerskates XVIIinHOF GAME FRENZY
AudibleLollerskates XXIinSunday Afternooner
AudibleLollerskates XXIIin9 PM Draft
AudibleLollerskates XXIIIinTHERE CAN BE ONLY ONE
AudibleLollerskates XXIVinDeep and Deeper
AudibleLollerskates XXVIinFriday night football
AudibleLollerskates XXXin7Days2Go
AudibleLollerskates XXXIIin8 Team Super Flex
AudibleLollerskates XXXIIIinSunday Afternooner
FaceoffLollerskates XXVinFirst Down 50.1 Bracket 1
FaceoffLollerskates XXXVinHouston 50 Bracket 2
Draft MastersBonnie and Clyde IIIinFRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT
Draft MastersLollerskates XIIinBEST BALL WEST VS EAST COAST
Draft MastersBonnie and ClydeinAuctions Rule
Draft MastersBonnie and Clyde IVinDraft Pros
Draft MastersLollerskates IXinBest Ball $50
Draft MastersLollerskates XIinAir Conditioning Best Ball Draft
Draft MastersLollerskates XXIXinRock my World
Draft MastersLollerskates XVIinAuction Bside
Draft MastersLollerskates XVIIIinBest Ballin FFL
Draft MastersLollerskates XXVIIinLets Go
Draft MastersLollerskates XXXIinSmash the Draft
Draft Slot123456789101112

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