Nickname: Geekjock
Fantasy Player Rank: #457
Fans: 4

21 Money League Teams

All-American(Fallen) Quick Strong &inAuction Fist Fight
All-American(Hand Grenade) Father CinAuctioneers Lounge
All-American(Hand Grenade) Pamcakesinlatenight
All-American(XX) 5 Finger DiscountinLate Night Superflex
All-American(XX) Charmingly ViolentinNo Chumps
All-American(XX) Fierce RisinginHigh Bidders
All-American(XX) MonsterinSaturdayNightAuction
All-American(XX) Mr Mom's SquadinAugust auction
All-American(XX) Obsession by RTSinAuction Guys
All-AmericanKill'em With KindnessinTwelve Teams at 12 Midnight Leagu
All-AmericanNacho Man Randy CabbageinSuperFlex League
All-AmericanThe Southern Belleinwho dis be
AudibleThe Devil's Owninlate night d
Draft Masters(XX) CodexinLooney Tunes #41
Draft MastersThe Loudest KisserinLooney Tunes #43
Draft Masters(XX) Chip JunkieinCheetos and ........
Draft Masters(XX) Goddess EvangelineinWedNiteAuction
Draft Masters(XX) The WolfinAuctioneers Draftmaster
Draft Masters(XX) Vive OggiinFriNiteAuction
Draft Masters(XX) Zangief StyleinBid It Up
Draft MastersChallenged SavantinAuctioneers Draftmaster

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