Nickname: H8Cubs
Fantasy Player Rank: #697
Fans: 3
Foes: 2

21 Money League Teams

AudibleDeuces WildinBest Ball SFlex || 25 Rounds
Draft MastersThe OneinSuck It Up
Draft MastersFour HorsemeninSOCIAL DISTANCING
Draft MastersTrips To WininLet's Draft
Draft MastersFour for FourinBest Ball 50 4hr V
Draft MastersTen BearsinBest Ball 50 8hr VII
Draft MastersTwelve Angry MeninDM Roto 50 4hr XX
Draft MastersEleventh HoursinDM Roto 20 8hr XXI
Draft MastersFifteen CandlesinBest Ball 20 8hr XXIX
Draft MastersFive for FiveinBest Ball 20 4hr XI
Draft MastersFourteen HorsemeninDM Roto 20 4hr XXXII
Draft MastersH8daCubsinBest Ball 20 8hr X
Draft MastersLucky ThirteeninDM Roto 20 8hr XXIII
Draft MastersNine LivesinBest Ball 20 4hr XVII
Draft MastersSeven UpsinDM Roto 20 4hr XII
Draft MastersSix ShootersinDM Roto 20 8hr XIII
Draft MastersThe OneinDM Roto 20 4hr VI
Draft MastersTrips to WininBest Ball 20 4hr VIII
Draft MastersTwo BaggersinBest Ball 20 4hr VII
Draft MastersLong TwoinSit and Go 4hr 20 V DM
Draft MastersThe OneinSit and Go 4hr 10 VII DM
Draft Slot123456789101112

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