Nickname: H8Cubs
Fantasy Player Rank: #597
Fans: 3
Foes: 2

10 Money League Teams

AudibleFive for Fivein8 teams - but bigger roster
Draft MastersMagnificent SeveninZero Seam Slowball
Draft MastersSix Out SavesinEarly slow draft
Draft MastersDeuces WildinBest Ball 20 2hr VIII
Draft MastersEight Men OutinBest Ball 20 4hr XVI
Draft MastersFour BaggersinDo this
Draft MastersNine LivesinNL Only Pts
Draft MastersTen BearsinNL Only - Dilly Dilly
Draft MastersThe OneinBest Ball 20 4hr IV
Draft MastersTrips to WininBest Ball 20 4hr V

Foes of H8Cubs are

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