Nickname: IDtenT
Fantasy Player Rank: #572
Fans: 2

21 Money League Teams

DynastyFoosball DynoinAmerican Made
DynastyFoosball dynosaursinBuilt to Last
All-AmericanFooseball MayoinFast Slow Draft
All-AmericanFooseball pre draft 1inFour Hour
All-AmericanFooseball pre draft 2inRock N Roll
All-AmericanFooseball pre draft 3inWe need Sports
All-AmericanPDFB 1inVirus?
All-AmericanPDFB 2inEverybody plays
All-AmericanPDFB 3inBolts Should move back to SD
All-AmericanPhil N GapsinSocial Distancing League
All-AmericanRusty Puntz JulioinHappy Playing FFB 2020
DynastyDynosaursinThe Diamond Exchange
Big LeagueEarly Birds BL NovinBL 30 4hr I
Big LeagueEarly Birds DecinBL 30 4hr IV
Big LeagueEarly Birds FebinBL 30 8hr XI
Big LeagueEarly Birds Feb 2inBL 30 4hr XVII
Big LeagueEarly Birds Jan 1inBL 30 4hr VI
Big LeaguePissin in the windinBL 30 4hr IV
Big LeagueScotty Doesnt KnowinBL 30 2hr X
Big LeagueWhile waiting JaninBL 30 4hr X
Draft MastersEarly Birds Nov 1inDM Roto 20 4hr I
Draft Slot123456789101112

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