Nickname: MrBmw_M5
Fantasy Player Rank: #470
Foes: 1

54 Money League Teams

RTFFCM5 PlatinRTFFC Platinum 3
High Stakesm5 hsinSaved by the bell
All-ProOBJ HOPKINSin 1ST of Year
All-ProA Winner 1inSemper Fi
All-ProAuto DraftinCashCowsFF
All-ProThanks MckinnoninMonsters of the Midway
All-Starm5 8 50inNFL COUNTDOWN
All-American85 BearsinJust in Time
All-AmericanGurleys Dog HouseinMNF Party
All-AmericanHit or a missinBecause Ice.... Is Cold
All-AmericanHunt is EhinSleepers and Busts
All-AmericanLongShotinPreseason Week 1 (2)
All-AmericanM5 - AA30- 10000inWe Gronk for TDs
All-AmericanM5 AA 30 - ABinFantasy Freaks
All-AmericanM5 AA 30 - ZEKEinMonday Football
All-AmericanMckinnon and Bell LOLinSunday - Sunday - Sunday
All-AmericanOBJ and D Hopkings go WinBest of the Rest
All-AmericanOh well OdellinPurple Helmet Rule
All-AmericanPlug WalkinLabor Day Party
All-AmericanSaquon for ROTWinBeer guys
All-AmericanSuper Flex Deez Nuts MrinSUPER TUESDAY FLEX
AudibleLights Kamara Actionin10 Teamer Dreamer
AudibleLoL Pay Me NowinMonday Afternooner
AudibleM5 5inTag Tag
Audiblem5 SFinBest Bill
AudiblePay Me Nowinhawaiian style
Draft MastersM5 DM 100- 1inTuesday Night Delight
Draft MastersDecent 50inFity Yard Line
Draft MastersGood 50inLast One
Draft MastersGood 50 2inAfternoon Delight
Draft MastersGood 50 3in8 Geniuses and 2 Idiots
Draft MastersGood 50 4inJedi's Minions
Draft MastersNo Qb Will still win yoinAfternoon Delight
Draft Masters2016 CubsinBest Ball - Right Here
Draft MastersBell so gginDraft Draft Draft
Draft MastersDecentinThe Draft King
Draft MastersDecent 1inOne for the Road
Draft Mastersdecent 2inBest Ball
Draft Mastersdecent 3inFANation Best Ball
Draft MastersDecent 4inMonday Madness 8/27/18
Draft Mastersdecent 5inThe Long Shots Best Ball
Draft Mastersdecent 6inBest Ball Nation
Draft MastersDecent 7inWhite Russian
Draft MastersDecent 8inD R A F T
Draft MastersDont have a Kicker GGinBoredAtWork
Draft MastersGoodin2X Taco Tuesday
Draft MastersGood 1inSaturday
Draft MastersGood 2inNFL is Back!
Draft MastersGood 3inThe Quickie
Draft MastersGood 4inQuick Draft
Draft MastersGood Mckinnon LoLinSpeed Drafters 8/20
Draft MastersNahinShagadelic Baby
Draft MastersNah 1inIts That Time
Slam DunkM5 BallinAbove the Rim

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