Nickname: NuttyProfessor
Fantasy Player Rank: #936
Fans: 7
Foes: 1

14 Money League Teams

High StakesLions Denin$tack$
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinNo Scrubs
All-AmericanNutty Professoringridiron
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinSuperDuperFlex
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinThe Wolf Pack
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinFor Fun and Tipsy Folk
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinPicking Winners
All-AmericanNutty Professorin8 Weeks..
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinThere can only be one
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinFantasy Junkies fix
All-AmericanNutty ProfessorinGraveyard Shift
AudibleNutty Professor 1inlate night d
AudibleNutty Professor 2in7-11 Quicky Draft
Draft MastersNutty Professor 3inSpeed Drafters 7/9

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