Nickname: Philtheez
Fantasy Player Rank: #511
Fans: 24
Foes: 14

11 Money League Teams

Triple PlayPhiltheez 10 TP 50inRookie of the Year
Big LeaguePhiltheez 7 5x5 100inSaturday Nights Alright
Big LeaguePhiltheez 9 5x5 100inRUFUS DU SOL
Big LeaguePhiltheez 8 5x5 50inTuesday BL Special Mar,. 5
Draft MastersPhiltheez 11 DM 20inLucky Best Ball
Draft MastersPhiltheez 2 DM 20inDM Roto 20 8hr XVII
Draft MastersPhiltheez 3 DM 20inPlay Ball
Draft MastersPhiltheez 4 DM 20inLate and Live
Draft MastersPhiltheez 5 DM 20inHit the Cutoff Man
Draft MastersPhiltheez 6 DM 20inBackdoor Sliders Draft & Forget
Draft MastersPhiltheez DM 20inFriday Night Auction DM for Poor

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