Nickname: Skeetem
Fantasy Player Rank: #1078
Fans: 3

22 Money League Teams

Audible5inco?AudiinAny Given Sunday
Draft Masters15 CentinHello? Is anyone out there?
Draft Masters6pieceinAnother one
Draft MastersAltered St8inBest Ball NOW C
Draft MastersBi9 CheechinPass the pipe
Draft MastersBlaz3dinGit Sum
Draft MastersDeucesinMasters of Drafters
Draft MastersFinalSkeetsXVIIinLast One Til 2020
Draft MastersFri13thinLooney Tunes #64
Draft MastersGooch19inTHE NIGHT OWL SPECIAL
Draft MastersIronLung11in2ND CHANCE
Draft MastersNoMo22inALMOST LAST SNAKE
Draft MastersRico4AinUncle Rico's Draft Camp
Draft MastersRondeHOF20inLet's Do One More!!!
Draft MastersSameOlBucs21inWags Invites You To Do One More!!
Draft MastersSatXinJust another DraftMasters
Draft MastersSet1tOffinMaster Drafters
Draft MastersSkeet16inHe farted in my face
Draft MastersSkeetinXIVinThe Quick and the Late
Draft MastersSkeets12inTHE 9/11 BB DM SNAKE
Draft MastersStillSkeetin18inWhy Not One More
Draft MastersTurdA7ainPre Game Festivities
Draft Slot123456789101112

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