Nickname: Suspence102
Fantasy Player Rank: #85
Fans: 6

77 Money League Teams

ChampionshipSC-Championship1 (OUT)inFantasy Championship 7/4 9:30PM #
ChampionshipSC-Championship2 (OUT)inFantasy Championship 7/17 7:00PM
ChampionshipSC-Championship3inFantasy Championship 7/28 8:00PM
ChampionshipSC-Championship4 (OUT)inFantasy Championship 8/4 8:00PM #
ChampionshipSC-Championship5inFantasy Championship 8/28 8:00PM
High StakesSC-HS-01 (OUT)inBUCK 25 ALIVE
High StakesSC-HS-2 (IN)in4TH AND DRUNK TO GO
High StakesSC-HS-3 (OUT)inSaturday Night Live
All-ProSC-AP-1 (OUT)inExhibition NFL
All-ProSC-AP-2 (IN)inChicken Fried Football
All-AmericanSC01 (OUT)intuesday night stoners
All-AmericanSC02 (OUT)inEaster egg hunt
All-AmericanSC03 (OUT)inBustin Loose
All-AmericanSC04 (OUT)inEarlyBirds
All-AmericanSC05 (OUT)inThe Predraft Mockery
All-AmericanSC06 (IN)inAA before the Real Draft
All-AmericanSC07 (OUT)inWeekend drafting
All-AmericanSC08 (OUT)intres de mayo
All-AmericanSC09 (OUT)inSaturday stoners
All-AmericanSC10 (OUT)inAll American Made
All-AmericanSC11 (OUT)inLucky#20
All-AmericanSC12 (IN)inMidwest
All-AmericanSC13 (OUT)inHa ha ha
All-AmericanSC14 (OUT)inHalfway through May
All-AmericanSC15 (OUT)inNatl Pulled Pork Day
All-AmericanSC16 (OUT)inWeekend Warriors
All-AmericanSC17 (OUT)inSun Am
All-AmericanSC18 (OUT)inMay 22
All-AmericanSC19 (OUT)inDeadpool 12
All-AmericanSC20 (OUT)inMe > You
All-AmericanSC22 (OUT)inJune is for football
All-AmericanSC25 (OUT)inLet's get it!!
All-AmericanSC26 (OUT)inThe Gurley Men
All-AmericanSC27 (OUT)inWay Too Early To Draft
All-AmericanSC28 (OUT)inTHE Fantasy League
All-AmericanSC29 (IN)inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanSC30 (OUT)inFireworks
All-AmericanSC31(IN)inWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanSC32 (IN)inAll-American Fantasy Football
All-AmericanSC33 (IN)inPicking Winners
All-AmericanSC34 (OUT)inBlack and Blue Division
All-AmericanSC35 (IN)inNFL IS SHADY
All-AmericanSC36 (OUT)inEarly Bird Special
All-AmericanSC37 (IN)inCredit card finally working
All-AmericanSC38 (OUT)inMid Summer Heat
All-AmericanSC39 (OUT)inFantasy Madness
All-AmericanSC40 (OUT)inLate Night Rough Boys
All-AmericanSC41 (IN)inGetting Closer
All-AmericanSC42 (OUT)inBustin Loose
All-AmericanSC43 (OUT)inJust do it
All-AmericanSC44 (IN)inAfter Dinner Draft
All-AmericanSC45 (OUT)inThe Great Ones
All-AmericanSC46 (OUT)inFantasy Shootout
All-AmericanSC47 (IN)inTyler Eifert has mullet :)
All-AmericanSC48 (OUT)inThe All American
All-AmericanSC49 (OUT)inClose the window
All-AmericanSC50 (OUT)inFantasy Life
All-AmericanSC51 (IN)inBruce And The Boys
All-AmericanSC52 (OUT)inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanSC53 (IN)inGame Time
All-AmericanSC54 (OUT)inPaper Tigers Fantasy League
All-AmericanSC55 (OUT)inBabes Babes Babes
All-AmericanSC56 (OUT)inOne League Twelve Teams One Champ
All-AmericanSC57 (OUT)inBlack and Blue
All-AmericanSC58 (OUT)inFootball Saturday
All-AmericanSC59 (IN)inFire Burnin
All-AmericanSC60 (OUT)inNo Way Out
All-AmericanSC61 (IN)inThe Patriot Way
All-AmericanSC62 (OUT)inIt's Always Sunny
All-AmericanSC63 (IN)inAndy Dicks League
All-AmericanSC64 (IN)inJustin Tuck Rule
All-AmericanSC65 (OUT)inSaturday night fever
AudibleSC-AM-1inPoint Of Attack
AudibleSC-0000inRosen Palooza - JAN2018

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonScranton Stranglers 3 (in16th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonScranton Stranglers (SCinKFFSC Big Game Week Redraft 2018

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