Nickname: cads314
Fantasy Player Rank: #1170
Fans: 5
Foes: 3

13 Money League Teams

Big LeagueBlazing SaddlesinSaturday Nights Alright
Big LeagueHighwaymeninBig League Two $100
Big LeagueKristoffersoninBL 50 2hr XIV
Big LeagueBig StickinBL 30 4hr X
High StakesMy Dog GilliganinBoys of Summer
High StakesSLMinSlow Pitch
High StakesFeeling MortalinThe Greatest Game
High StakesNumber 6 -Stan The ManinHigh Stakes - NL Only
High StakesFast TimesinHS 125 2hr XXI
High StakesHot Babes and an Old MainHS 125 4hr IX
RTFBCThree Stadiums-11 TitleinRTFBC 7
Draft MastersBeautiful Bartenders 2inDM Roto 50 4hr V
Draft MastersBeautiful BartendersinDM Roto 20 2hr XXII

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonFeeling MortalinST LOUIS FFL 2006

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