Nickname: dman032
Fantasy Player Rank: #184
Fans: 3

30 Money League Teams

Triple PlayNostradonus 7inRookie of the Year
Triple PlayNostradonus tpinPlay ball
Big LeagueEnos CabellinWarm Up
Big LeaguedmaninBarry Larkin HOF
Big LeagueMc shy dinBid em Up
Big LeagueNostradonusinFriday Night Auction
Big Leaguenostradonus 2inIs this Heaven?
Big LeagueNostradonus 3inMLK Day Auction
Big LeagueSubliminal criminals 3inBigly Leaguers
Big LeagueSubliminal criminals xinYou've got to lick it before you
Big LeaguewockenfussinAll in
Draft Masters****stainsinSunday Night Auction
Draft MastersBall fourinJust right
Draft MastersBig daddy kaneinDraft Masters ROTO MX AUC
Draft MastersEnos cabellin????????????
Draft MastersNostradonusinDM Roto 20 2hr IX
Draft MastersNostradonus 2inNO NAME
Draft Mastersnostradonus 32inHome Run in a Silo Draft
Draft MastersNostradonus 4inMonday Night Auction
Draft Mastersnostradonus 9inMondayQuicky
Draft Mastersnostradonus xinNight Flight
Draft MastersSubliminal CriminalsinBest Ball 20 2hr VIII
Draft MastersSubliminal criminals 2inBest Ball 20 4hr VI
Draft MastersSubliminal Criminals 5inBig Red Machine
Draft MastersSubliminal Criminals 7inBoys Of Summer
Draft MastersSubliminal criminals dmin??????????
Draft MastersTiger towninMonday PM Best Ball
Draft Masterssubliminal criminals 89inSit and Go 20 IV DM
Draft MastersSubliminal hoops 2inCarpe Diem
Draft MastersSubliminal hoopsinSit and Go 2hr 10 I DM

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