Nickname: drano58
Fantasy Player Rank: #1306
Fans: 3

28 Money League Teams

AudibleGED2insquirell masters
AudibleGRD1inSaturday Afternooner
AudibleGRD10inSaturday Drafting
AudibleGRD11inFloating in a tube on the wolf ri
Draft MastersGRD22inHot Chubb Time Machine
Draft MastersGRD5inBig Red
Draft MastersGRDinB E S T B A L L
Draft MastersGRD12inNo Management Required
Draft MastersGRD13inSit and Go 20 CXV
Draft MastersGrd15inThe Fast Ballers
Draft MastersGRD17inSit and Go 20 CXXXVII
Draft MastersGRD18inRise & Shine draft time
Draft MastersGRD19inBest Ball NOW XLV
Draft MastersGRD2inSit and Go 20 CIV
Draft MastersGRD20inBest Ball NOW LIV
Draft MastersGRD21inBest of the Best!
Draft MastersGRD23inBest Ball NOW LXXVI
Draft MastersGRD25inDorian Dilema
Draft MastersGRD26inAin't No Reasoning with Hurricane
Draft MastersGRD27inBest Ball NOW LXXXV
Draft MastersGRD3inDiscount Double Check
Draft MastersGRD4inSit and Go 20 CVI
Draft MastersGRD6inNevada Finance League
Draft MastersGRD7inFirst Fill And Go DM
Draft MastersGRD8inSit and Go 20 CXI
Draft MastersGRD9inB L A Z I N B E S T B A L L
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonGit-R-DoneinMoondog FFL

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