Nickname: fudds
Fantasy Player Rank: #187
Fans: 4
Foes: 1

30 Money League Teams

Big LeagueelfuddinSlow Draft II
Big LeagueBlinkersinBL 50 8hr XVII
Big LeagueNo ClueinBL 50 8hr XIII
Big LeagueAL BUMSinAL Only Big League $30
Big LeagueCaptain SpaldinginBL 30 8hr V
Big LeagueCollection of BumsinBL 30 8hr III
Big LeagueNine Monkeysin12 Monkeys
Big LeagueTwo JakesinBL 30 8hr VI
Triple PlayDuke of NothinginCaught Stealing
Triple PlayMongoinTP 125 8hr II
Triple PlaySoxinChin Music
Triple PlayBarfersinThe Thrill
Triple PlayWeggeesinHouston Cheats
Triple PlayDuke of SomethinginTP 50 4hr XVIII
Triple PlayhumansinTP 50 8hr V
Triple PlayMoby Dick 2inTP 50 8hr VII
Triple PlayUncle FeetinTP 50 8hr VI
Triple PlayElmerinTP 20 8hr XI
Triple PlayFeetinTP 20 4hr XVII
Triple PlayKennyinTP 20 8hr XVII
Triple PlayMoby DickinTP 20 8hr IX
Triple PlayOscars PlaceinTP 20 8hr XXI
Triple PlayPetersinTP 20 4hr XX
Triple PlaypugslyinTP 20 8hr VII
Triple PlayZeroinTP 20 8hr XIV
Draft MastersBuffer ZoneinBest Ball 20 8hr XX
Draft MastersdummyinBest Ball 20 8hr IX
Draft MastersPT 666inBest Ball 20 8hr XV
Draft Mastersroto bumsinDM Roto 20 4hr XXVI
Draft MastersTin RoofinBest Ball 20 8hr XII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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