Nickname: hayseed
Fantasy Player Rank: #233
Fans: 1

15 Money League Teams

Triple PlayNL All StarsinTP 125
Triple PlaySummer of GeorgeinTriple Play MLB 125
Triple PlayBizzarroJerryinTP 50 2hr IV
Triple PlayBob SinMajor League
Big LeagueLow TalkerinAmerican League Baseball
Big LeagueSack LunchinThunder and Lightning League
Big LeagueMeatinAll-American Action
Grand SlamThe Big SaladinPlay Ball
High StakesDeloresandmulvainI aint' afraid of no drafts
High StakesUncleLeosEyebrowin10 Angry MLB Nerds
High StakesAcuna MatatainThe Grind
High StakesFestivus 4 The Rest Of inNL-Only
High StakesLampinwithleoninHS 125 4hr XI
Draft MastersFestivusinDM Roto 100 2hr IV
Draft MastersHog Ballinmelo in the first

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