Nickname: mcginley
Fantasy Player Rank: #1822

13 Money League Teams

ChampionshipTeamSpartacusinFantasy Championship 9/2 10:15PM
All-ProTeamSpartyinLas Vegas Raiders 2018
All-ProTeamSpartacusinBeer, Wings, Drafting = Pure Blis
All-AmericanJulio Think You AreinWileCoyote Invitational
All-AmericanTeamBinFight or Flight
FaceoffSparty1inThird Down 99.1 Bracket 18
FaceoffSparty11inTouchdown 49.1 Bracket 18
FaceoffTeamSpartyinFourth Down 49.1 Bracket 16
FaceoffSpartacusinSecond Down 19.3 Bracket 14
FaceoffTeamSpartacusinSecond Down 19.2 Bracket 2
FaceoffTeamSpartacus2inFourth Down 19.2 Bracket 16
FaceoffTeamSparty1inFirst Down 19.4 Bracket 10
FaceoffTeamSparty2inFirst Down 19.3 Bracket 13

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