Nickname: tenrogerfour
Fantasy Player Rank: #752
Fans: 6
Foes: 6

23 Money League Teams

Triple PlayApple Crown 5inSunday fun
Triple PlayCrazy Baby 14inITS NOW OR NEVER
Triple PlayChristineinQuick evening draft
Triple PlayKiller Krowes 4inTrump in 2020
Triple PlayLucky 13inTexas Chain Gang
Triple PlayOcean 11inPhilly Fanatic
Triple PlayPittland3inbaseball
Triple PlaySupernaut 19inEarly Morning Madness
Big LeagueSkulls 15inTuesday BL Special Mar,. 5
Big LeagueWaterfire 18inJustin Case
Big LeagueBoxcar 20inPhilly Harpered
Big LeagueElvis 22inBetween the Lines
Big LeagueSharon 23inLets draft
Big LeagueVicious12inPhilly Needs Harper
Draft MastersBarker 21inYankees suck
Draft MastersFriday 13th 6inDraft Masters
Draft MastersGambler 9inSaturday Night's Alright For Winn
Draft MastersGroundhogs 8inInternship
Draft MastersMachines 17inBest Balls of the Afternoon
Draft MastersRamjets 2inSNL Auction
Draft MastersRogers Dodgers 7 hit 1sinSATURDAY QUICK DRAFT
Draft MastersSweetleaf 1inJan 9th
Draft MastersTenrogerfourinBlizzard Warning

tenrogerfour is a Foe of

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