Nickname: Caps13
Fantasy Player Rank: #1044
Fans: 1

10 Money League Teams

All-AmericanMudhens 1inSuper Flexy Motherflexer
AudibleMudhens 10inSaturday night SuperFlex
AudibleMudhens 3inWedJuneDM
AudibleMudhens 5inDark Pit of Jubilation
AudibleMudhens 6inLand of the Free-superflex
AudibleMudhens 8inHawaiian style morning
Draft MastersMudhens-7inSit and Go 50 XIV
Draft MastersMudhens 2inSit and Go 20 XLVI
Draft MastersMudhens 4inFriday Night Draft
Draft MastersMudhens 9inBest Ball

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonMyBallZachErtzinGreat Lakes Fantasy Football Leag

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