Nickname: Chicawaukie
Fantasy Player Rank: #413

20 Money League Teams

DynastyRB Barry Sanders #20inDumb and Dumber
DynastyRB Emmitt Smith #22inMother of All Dyno Leagues
DynastyRB Eric Dickerson #29inDraft and Build
DynastyRB Gale Sayers #40inPower Play
DynastyRB Marcus Allen #32inCorona and Lime
DynastyRB Walter Payton #34inTrade Block
Best BallBLUEBIRDinBest Ball Championship 282
Best BallBROWN THRASHERSinBest Ball Championship 367
Best BallCATBIRDSinBest Ball Championship 44
Best BallTHE RED CARDINALSinBest Ball Championship 5
Best BallThe Tufted TitmousesinBest Ball Championship 147
Best Ball ScoutRED ROMAINEinBest Ball SCOUT 2808
Best Ball ScoutTHE BLACKBERRYSinBest Ball SCOUT 166
Best Ball ScoutTHE BLUEBERRYSinBest Ball SCOUT 89
Best Ball ScoutThe DaffodilsinBest Ball SCOUT 1244
Best Ball ScoutTHE RASPBERRYSinBest Ball SCOUT 39
Best Ball ScoutTHE RED RUSSIAN GARLICinBest Ball SCOUT 808
Best Ball ScoutTHE RHUBARBinBest Ball SCOUT 218
Best Ball ScoutTHE STRAWBERRYSinBest Ball SCOUT 124
DimesTHE GREEN PEPPERSinDimes Best Ball 7
Draft Slot123456789101112

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

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