Nickname: Dogday1016
Fantasy Player Rank: #196
Foes: 1

68 Money League Teams

Challengenyr 50 playoffinPlayoff Challenge 50.77
High StakesNY Rangers 125inChumps and Champs
High StakesNYR 2 125inIts June...Time to Turn Up
High StakesNYR 4 125inDerbywinner Birthday Auction
High StakesNYR 5 125inBless 'em Jarvis Landry League
High StakesNYR 6 125inLast Minute Draft
High StakesNYR 7 125inA League of their Own
All-ProNYR 1 50inDraft Hard
All-ProNYR 5 50inLittle Joe's
All-ProNYR2 50inALLPRO
All-ProNyr6 50inALL PRO
All-AmericanNy16inChicken Galore / Chicken Delight
All-AmericanNYR 1 30inSunday AA
All-AmericanNYR 10 30inCowboy Up
All-AmericanNYR 11 30inWeds HOF 1738
All-AmericanNYR 12 30inFantasy Masters
All-AmericanNYR 13 30inSaturday night
All-AmericanNYR 14 30inSmash Mouth
All-AmericanNYR 15 30inOreos Eat Cool J Cookies
All-AmericanNYR 17inThursday Auction
All-AmericanNYR 18 30inEarly Birds League
All-AmericanNYR 19 30inSat brunch 22
All-AmericanNYR 2 30inFantasy Football 2k18
All-AmericanNYR 20 30inBig and Friends
All-AmericanNYR 21 30inFireworks
All-AmericanNYR 22 30inSunday AA
All-AmericanNYR 23 30inFootball Time in America
All-AmericanNYR 24 30inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanNYR 25 aucinJuly auction
All-AmericanNYR 26 30inAll-American Fantasy Football
All-AmericanNYR 27inHump Day Nooner
All-AmericanNYR 28inDon't be Shady
All-AmericanNYR 29inBrady or Montana
All-AmericanNYR 3 30inBuild it and they will come
All-AmericanNYR 30inFantasy G.O.A.T.
All-AmericanNYR 31inFootball Junkies
All-AmericanNYR 32 30inFantasy DieHards !
All-AmericanNYR 33inLets draft
All-AmericanNYR 36inSuperbowl March
All-AmericanNYR 37inAll That Matters
All-AmericanNYR 38inSalty's Ballers
All-AmericanNYR 39inSalty's Pigskin Pirates
All-AmericanNYR 4 30inWed Night
All-AmericanNYR 40inTuesday Auction
All-AmericanNYR 41inSmash Mouth Fantasy Football
All-AmericanNYR 43inSaturday.Draft.Day
All-AmericanNYR 44insuperx
All-AmericanNYR 45inSunday Night Football
All-AmericanNYR 46inFantasy Life
All-AmericanNYR 47inSNL AAA
All-AmericanNYR 48inWhere Johnny
All-AmericanNYR 49inThe Madden Curse
All-AmericanNYR 5 30inSaturday Night Auction
All-AmericanNYR 50inwho dis be
All-AmericanNYR 51inMonsters of the Midway
All-AmericanNYR 52inSleepers and Busts
All-AmericanNYR 53inOne Winner Eleven Losers
All-AmericanNYR 55inSaturday 8-25 Auction
All-AmericanNYR 7 30inVacations
All-AmericanNYR 8 30inSuper Flexy Motherflexer
All-AmericanNYR 9 30inAuction Specialists
All-AmericanNYR33inMid Summer Heat
All-AmericanNYr35inTGIF Happy Hour League
All-AmericanNYR42inTomato Soup
All-AmericanNYR6 30inPost NFL Draft FANTASY League
FaceoffNYR 3wkinThird Down 20.2 Bracket 14

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