Nickname: HacheT
Fantasy Player Rank: #906
Fans: 5

7 Money League Teams

All-ProRuBBeR BisCuiTinStatue of Liberty
All-AmericanSuNNy In PhiLLy 1inFantasy VooDoo
All-AmericanSuNNy In PhiLLy 2inTHE DIRTY DOZEN
All-AmericanSuNNy In PhiLLy 3inLeather Heads
All-AmericanTraiLeR PaRk BoYs 1inBaba Booey
All-AmericanTraiLeR PaRk BoYs 2inForged In Fantasy
All-AmericanTraiLeR PaRk BoYs 3inLONE STAR FOOTBALL

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonSoggy Bottom Boy'sinThe Leftover's 2018

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