Nickname: Jim1111
Fantasy Player Rank: #691
Fans: 2

19 Money League Teams

All-American412 ExpatinFootball, Beer, and Hot Wings
All-American724 ExpatinSF Fans
All-AmericanBlack and GoldinCowboy Lovers and Haters
All-AmericanBlitzburghinFirst Down
All-AmericanBurghExpatinLONE STAR FOOTBALL
All-AmericanBurghGuyinLeague of Legends
All-AmericanFort PittinTOP DOG
All-AmericanGolden TriangleinMisfits of the Gridiron
All-AmericanIron CityinPro Football 2019
All-AmericanPghExpatinDrafting and Drinking
All-AmericanSteel CityinBlues, Brews and BBQs
All-AmericanThe BurghinNFL is Back!
All-AmericanThe CityinBetter Late Than Never
All-AmericanThe ConfluenceinBig 12 Football
All-AmericanThe PointinNothing But Good Luck
All-AmericanThree RiversinBlame Brady
Draft Masters412 PghinSit and Go 20 XCI
Draft Masters724 PghinSit and Go 20 CVIII
Draft Masters878 PghinSit and Go 20 CXXI
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonDragonsinWest Penn Fantasy Football League

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