Nickname: Magicb4Malice
Fantasy Player Rank: #439
Fans: 10

54 Money League Teams

Audible$20 WHORACLEinSometimes its a winner's parade
AudibleBenevolent GestureinAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
AudibleCircus comes to towninFriday Night Fun
AudibleClairvoyantinChuckles the Clown Clowns Only!!!
AudibleCrowd PleaserinSSFLEX Tricky
AudibleDefrostedinSFlex For The Frozen Chosen
AudibleDreamlandinDraft Now
AudibleEscape PlaninSomething to Do
AudibleEuphoria RisinginWhy not
AudibleFashion StatementinBig Suprises
AudibleFeed Your HeadinSixty Second Selection Sunday
AudibleFeel The MagicinChange UP SFLEX
AudibleFeeling FroggyinFriday Night superFlex Fever
AudibleGet High...expectationsinClick HERE now
AudibleHE is the MANinMasters of the Football Universe
AudibleHoneymoon SuiteinSuperFlexin
AudibleInsipid Curds-n-WheyinTraining Camp Star
AudibleLook AwayinClementine
AudibleMagic in the MoonlightinAudibles R Us
AudibleMagic KindgominLand of Disenchantment
AudibleMagic Moon DanceinDraftWay
AudibleMagically DeliciousinTRY ME
AudibleManiacal DigressioninLate Night Draft Addicts
AudibleMarshmallow DeityinLast 8 Standing
AudibleMasculine DystopiainSUMMER 20 DOLLAR MOX
AudibleOnce-ler PurgatoryinDraft again
Audibleoutside the boxinTooooosday Aaaaafternoon 10/25
AudiblePat Benatar BabyinGreat 8
AudiblePutrefactioninA Choice
AudibleRaise Your StandardsinArmchair Cornerbacks
AudibleRed-White-n-BlueSkinsinSaturday Audi 10/25 not 9/25
AudibleSeason of MagicinFriday Night Lights
AudibleStatus EliteinNo Ankles
AudibleSwamp LipsinNighttime Sweating and Flexing
AudiblethrillseekerinNight Thrills
AudibleTo Mock a KillingbirdinTueAud--- trytryagain
AudibletreebeastinShape shifting and excessive cele
AudibleVulture AdvisoryinSUPER 8
AudibleWhich Witch is WhichinThe Witching Hour 8 Team Sflex
Draft MastersBecome the CatalystinDraft-a-holics Anonymous
Draft MastersBlue DiamondinThursNiteDM
Draft MastersBlue-White-n-RedskinsinGive Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Draft MastersCapture the Magicin7/21 DM
Draft MastersEverything FloatsinOne more time
Draft MastersFlying High AgaininAmateur Hour
Draft MastersFlying SoloinDraft Masters
Draft MastersMellow DramaticinGo Quick
Draft MastersMeltDowninMaster of Drafting
Draft MastersMotion DetectorinFast Start
Draft MastersNot So Grand IllusioninHOF GAME
Draft MastersStrange Magicin4TH OF JULY EVE DM SNAKE
Draft MastersSwitching to DecafinBecause i drafted DJ & A-Rob
Draft MastersUNLESS there is magicinEND OF WEEKEND DM

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