Nickname: Nibiru97
Fantasy Player Rank: #57

36 Money League Teams

ChampionshipCH1inFantasy Championship 6/14 9:00pm
DynastyRT-dynasty (R)inDynasty League Football
DynastyThe 10th Dynasty (R)inRoman Empire
DynastyThe 5th Dynasty//(R)inThe Empire
DynastyThe Final Dynasty//0(R)inBring it on home
DynastyThe Last Dynasty***(R)inFight Club
Dynasty3 and Out*(R)inThe Chill
DynastyAirinI Like Kickers
DynastyD-Flex*(R)inHall of Fame League
DynastyDyn-2-BB(R)inBest Ball Mania
DynastyDynasty FootballinThe Wild Ones
DynastyDynasty Reborn***(R)inTime to draft!
DynastySFlexDynasty1*(R)inBig Guns
DynastyThe 11th Dynasty*(R)inRun and Shoot
DynastyThe 13th Dynasty***(R)inThe Crown League
DynastyThe 14th Dynasty***(R)inTrade Station
DynastyThe 16th Dynasty*(R)inThe Trophy League
DynastyThe 17th Dynasty(R)inRed Zone Fantasy
DynastyThe 18th Dynasty(R)inWeekend Warriors
DynastyThe 19th Dynasty//(R)inThe Shootout
DynastyThe 21st Dynasty***(R)inBuild Your Dynasty
DynastyThe 22nd Dynasty***(R)inTop Hat
DynastyThe 23rd Dynasty(R)inRookie Showdown
DynastyThe 24th Dynasty//(R)inDraft and Build
DynastyThe 25th Dynasty(R)inBuild This Team
DynastyThe 26th Dynasty***(R)inDeep Fade
DynastyThe 2nd Dynasty(R)inVandelay Industries
DynastyThe 3rd Dynasty***(R)inArrested Development
DynastyThe 4th Dynasty*(R)inTrade Frenzy
DynastyThe 6th Dynasty(R)inThe Relentless Ones
DynastyThe 7th Dynasty*(R)inFast and Furious
DynastyThe 8th Dynasty//(R)inArmchair Football League
DynastyThe Lost Dynasty*(R)inThe Money Foundation
All-AmericanAA-1-AinFriday Auction Battle
All-AmericanAA-2inAfternoon Doldrums
All-AmericanTBDinDrafting For Dum Dums
Draft Slot123456789101112

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