Nickname: MarcInSD
Fantasy Player Rank: #111

31 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMM TFC 519inFantasy Championship Slow 4hr VII
ChampionshipMM TFC 606inFantasy Championship 6/6 8:30pm E
High StakesMM HS1000 830inGolden Trophy JOIN
High StakesMM HS500 513inits time
EliminatorMM ELIM50 604inThere Can Only Be But One
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 502inBest Ball Championship 29
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 503inBest Ball Championship 31
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 505inBest Ball Championship 39
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 509inBest Ball Championship 56
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 512inBest Ball Championship 72
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 516inBest Ball Championship 104
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 530inBest Ball Championship 232
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 604inBest Ball Championship 292
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 616inBest Ball Championship 417
Best BallMM BB CHAMP 617inBest Ball Championship 419
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 317inBest Ball SCOUT 138
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 319inBest Ball SCOUT 147
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 320inBest Ball SCOUT 152
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 322inBest Ball SCOUT 160
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 330inBest Ball SCOUT 199
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 403inBest Ball SCOUT 219
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 405inBest Ball SCOUT 227
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 407inBest Ball SCOUT 238
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 409inBest Ball SCOUT 246
Best Ball ScoutMM SCOUT 412inBest Ball SCOUT 807
Draft MastersMM BB100 602inDraft Masters
Draft MastersMM BB100 605inBest Ball $100
Draft MastersMM BB100 617inDraft Masters 100
Draft MastersMM BB50 319inSlow Draftmaster
Draft MastersMM BB50 510inSLOW 50 Draft masters
Draft MastersMM BB50 616inSit and Go 50 III
Draft Slot123456789101112

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