Nickname: MattF22
Fantasy Player Rank: #1307
Fans: 3

27 Money League Teams

All-American1 Oakville GradeinFull on Fantasy
All-American2 Purple HazeinVandelay Industries
All-American3 Jelly BeansinFast Times
All-American4 Real MayoinBrunch a Lunch
All-American5 Little PenguinsinRough Necks
All-American6 Bottle RocketsinOH YEA
All-American7 MoonsinJuly Test Track
All-American8 My LunchinLet's Do This
All-American9 Rusty NailsinFantasy Field of Dreams
All-AmericanBakers DozeninHot Summer Times
All-AmericanBlackjackin4TH AND DRUNK TO GO
All-AmericanBlackjack 22inSunday's Blues
All-AmericanBobby ForrestinEnd Zone Fantasy Football League
All-AmericanBuffalo SoldierinMonkey Business
All-AmericanDan MarinoinEarly Drafter League
All-AmericanDrew BledsoeinSunday Funday
All-AmericanDynamiteinNoobs League
All-AmericanMatch Box TwentyinABs Old Helmet
All-AmericanMontanainSharks and Minnows
All-AmericanMontana SteaksinEarly Drafters Anonymous
All-AmericanMy Cousin Vinny 14insteeler nation1 2
All-AmericanPeytons PlaceinFantasy Fireworks!
All-AmericanPineapple Express 25inevery kitchens needs a baker
All-AmericanSexy and SeventeeninAA with Trades
All-AmericanTen BucksinMr. Irrelevant
All-AmericanTwo DozeninThunder Down Under
Draft Slot123456789101112

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