Nickname: Sharpe1
Fantasy Player Rank: #704
Fans: 3
Foes: 2

24 Money League Teams

ChallengeCalifornia DreaminginPlayoff Challenge 50.46
ChallengeGo HawksinPlayoff Challenge 50.45
ChallengeWHO DATinPlayoff Challenge 50.42
All-ProWHO DATinFootball Eve
All-AmericanA Team Has No NameinRB's - We Have the Meats
All-AmericanKing SharpeinBronco Nagurski
AudibleDM3 July 4 EveinJuly4eve
AudibleDMJune08_01inAll Good Men
AudibleKing Sharpe DM5 July 07inBEER THIRSTY 25 ROUNDS DUAL FLEX
AudibleKing Sharpe DM8 July 11inDraft!!
Draft MastersDM TigerinThe Catch
Draft MastersDM2 July 02inEarly Drafting
Draft MastersGeuices Good ACLinFantasy Football Nirvana
Draft MastersKing Sharpe 4DM July 4inHotdogs & Drafting
Draft MastersKing Sharpe DM 11 Aug 2inMonday Night Football
Draft MastersKing Sharpe DM Aug 28inDRAFT MASTER MANIA
Draft MastersKing Sharpe DM Aug 29inHump Day Drafting
Draft MastersKing Sharpe DM10 Aug 17inADDICTED TO DRAFTING
Draft MastersKing Sharpe DM6 July 09inCase of the Mundays
Draft MastersKing Sharpe DM7 July 10inTaco Tuesday
Draft MastersKing Sharpe DM9 Aug 10inTGIF Best Ball
Draft MastersThat GuyinTaco Tuesday

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