Nickname: BIG-NASTY1
Fantasy Player Rank: #112
Fans: 59
Foes: 3

13 Money League Teams

All-Americanbig nasty 10inMiller Genuine Draft
All-Americanbig nasty 6inThe Slow and the Furious
AudibleBIG NASTY 1inafter the Draft
AudibleBig nasty 12inChuggin Along
AudibleBig nasty 3inSundayDrafting
Draft Mastersbig nasty 11inSit and Go 20 XXXII
Draft Mastersbig nasty 13inSit and Go 20 XXXIV
Draft MastersBig Nasty 2inSit and Go 20 XXIII
Draft Mastersbig nasty 4inSit and Go 20 XXII
Draft Mastersbig nasty 5inSit and Go 20 XXV
Draft Mastersbig nasty 7inSit and Go 20 XXIX
Draft Mastersbig nasty 8inSit and Go 20 XXVIII
Draft Mastersbig nasty 9inSit and Go 20 XXX

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