Nickname: Uncle_Rico_
Fantasy Player Rank: #944
Fans: 13

23 Money League Teams

ChampionshipRico DynamiteinFantasy Championship 7/28 8:00PM
All-ProRico SuaveinFly Eagles Fly
All-StarUncle Ricoin8 hr madness
All-AmericanMaybe RicoinLet's deal
All-AmericanProbably Ricoingumby football
All-AmericanTrader Rico AA1inPre Pre Season
All-AmericanUncle Rico AA1inSmash Mouth Fantasy Football
All-AmericanUncle Rico AA2inFantasy Football 2k18
All-AmericanUncle Rico AA3inBlood, Sweat and Beers.
All-AmericanUncle Rico AA5inDeep Sleeper
All-AmericanUncle Rico AA6inAre you ready for some football?!
All-AmericanUncle Rico AA7inFLEX-MEX TAKE OUT
AudibleKip DynamiteinSunday Night Football
AudibleKip DynamiteinSunday Afternooner
AudibleKip DynamiteinCan u Draft a draft
AudibleWhiskey Creek ScurvyinRotoBaller
Draft MastersThug LifeinSunday Afternooner
Draft MastersKip DynamiteinA League of our own!
Draft MastersKip Dynamitein~The~ Best Balls
Draft MastersKip DynamiteinSit and Go 20 LXXXVI
Draft MastersKip Dynamite ainSunday Funday
Draft MastersKip Dynamite ainKevin's First Time
Draft MastersThug Lifein-Smoke-

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