Nickname: foleyfield
Fantasy Player Rank: #582
Fans: 2

21 Money League Teams

DynastyThe Walking WoundedinThe Reign of SuperFlex
DynastyDavante's InfernoinDraft Supreme
DynastyFoleyfieldinTime to rumble
DynastyFresh prince of HelaireinCertified Kicker Free
DynastyMister Rodgers NeighborinLets Get Ready to Rumble!
DynastyMy PPR burnsinThe Crown League
DynastyNew Kid on the BlockinHighway to Hell
DynastyQuarterback HeaveninThe Dynasty Experience
DynastyTua Legit Tua QuitinFlex Appeal
All-AmericanFoleyfield AA 1inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanFoleyfield AA 2inTechmo Bowl
Best BallFoleyfield BBinBest Ball Championship 2894
Best BallFoleyfield BB 2inBest Ball Championship 2895
Best BallFoleyfield BB 3inBest Ball Championship 2897
Best BallFoleyfield BB 4inBest Ball Championship 2926
Best BallFoleyfield BB 5inBest Ball Championship 2928
Best BallFoleyfield BB 6inBest Ball Championship 2946
Best BallFoleyfield BB 7inBest Ball Championship 2960
DynastyCooperstown BoundinThe Perfect Game
DynastyWarning Track PowerinDouble Play
Best BallFolyField TwitterinBest Ball Championship 418
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonFoleyfieldinMahomes is the GOAT

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