Nickname: herder
Fantasy Player Rank: #52

56 Money League Teams

High StakesC.I.N. 125SLinOCEAN Invitational
AudibleC.I.N. 50-10SLinFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanC.I.N.inFIRST LIVE AA
All-AmericanC.I.N. 10inMay the Fourth Be With You
All-AmericanC.I.N. 11inFriday Night Lights
All-AmericanC.I.N. 12TinAny given sunday
All-AmericanC.I.N. 13inFootballs Back
All-AmericanC.I.N. 14inTuesday Night Special
All-AmericanC.I.N. 15inSaturday night draft
All-AmericanC.I.N. 16inOffensive Player Of The Year
All-AmericanC.I.N. 17inThursday Night Fotball
All-AmericanC.I.N. 18TinRookie Mistake
All-AmericanC.I.N. 19TinPre-mature Drafting
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2inearly AA
All-AmericanC.I.N. 20inSaturday Special
All-AmericanC.I.N. 21inFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanC.I.N. 3inThe Live Show
All-AmericanC.I.N. 4inYou need to practice early
All-AmericanC.I.N. 5inHunters
All-AmericanC.I.N. 6Tin**** Yeah
All-AmericanC.I.N. 7inPost NFL Draft HYPE
All-AmericanC.I.N. 8inSundayFootball
All-AmericanC.I.N. 9inMay Day Pay Day
All-AmericanC.I.N. AinPost NFL Draft Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A2inMAY AUCTION
All-AmericanC.I.N. A3inHump Day Action
All-AmericanC.I.N. A4inFriday Night Lights Auctions
All-AmericanC.I.N. A5inFriday Night Lights Auctions
All-AmericanC.I.N. A6inMay 31 PPR Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A7inJun 1 PPR Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A8inJun 12 PPR Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A9inMonday Night Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. SFinMayDay Draft
All-AmericanC.I.N. SF2inMonday Night QB's
All-AmericanC.I.N. SFAinEarly Draft for the Die Hards
All-AmericanC.I.N. SFA2inTuesday May 28 AA auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. SFA3inFriday Night Conference Call
All-AmericanC.I.N. SFA4inSaturday Night Flex
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW10inDrafting with idiots 2
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW11inApril Showers
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW12inDrafting with Idiots 5
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW13inDrafting w idiots 6
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW14inGridiron Madness
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW15inEarly Draft
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW16TinPost Draft non experts
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW17inDrafting with FJB
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW2inWho's up for fantasy football
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW3infootball guys
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW4infootball
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW5inEasy street
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW6inWallstreet
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW7inHold em
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW8inHurt Locker
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLOW9inDrafting with idiots
All-AmericanC.I.N. SLSFTinOut to win
Draft Slot123456789101112

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