Nickname: power18
Fantasy Player Rank: #1108

16 Money League Teams

AudibleJeff PaurinSMART Fantasy 5-19
AudibleJeff PaurinSMART Fantasy 5-9
Best Ball ScoutJeff PaurinBest Ball SCOUT 2765
Draft MastersJeff PaurinSMART Fantasy 6-20
Draft MastersJeff PaurinSMART Fantasy 5-30
Draft MastersJeff PaurinSMART Fantasy 5-4
Draft MastersJeff PaurinSMART Fantasy
Just TDsSuper PaurinJust TDs 2
AudibleJeff PaurinCTW Best-Ball 3-13
AudibleSuper PaurinCTW Pts Best Ball Slow 2-7
HR ShowdownJeffinCTW HR Showdown
HR ShowdownJeff PaurinHome Run Showdown 460
Draft MastersJeff PaurinCTW Best-Ball 2-28 NL
Draft MastersJeff PaurinCTW Best-Ball 2-14
Draft MastersJeff PaurinCTW Roto Best-Ball 1-31
Draft MastersJeff PaurinCTW Best-Ball 1-25
Draft Slot123456789101112

28 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonJeff Paurin2023 Diehards Mag PPR League Mock
Full SeasonJeff Paurin2023 Pro Forecast 2 STD League 6-
Full SeasonSuper PaursinChamps League
Full SeasonRTSportsinFSGA Bestball League
Full SeasonJeff PaurinHeroes vs Hosts
Full SeasonSuper PaursinMonkeys Business
Full SeasonLittle P'sinPower Football League
Full SeasonJeffinWinners and Whiners
PlayoffJeff Paurin2024 Colton and Wolfman Playoff R
PlayoffJeff Paurin2024 CTW Playoff League
PlayoffJeff PaurinCTW Second Chance Playoffs
PlayoffSuper PaurinCTW Turkey Bowl 2023
PlayoffSuper PaursinMonkey Business Playoff Challenge
PlayoffSuper PaursinRTFS Family Challenge
Fantasy BaseballSuper PaurinFoul Balls
Fantasy BaseballRTSportsinFSGA Best Ball
Fantasy BaseballRTSports.cominFSGA Champions

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