Nickname: power18
Fantasy Player Rank: #1799
Fans: 27
Foes: 9

7 Money League Teams

Draft MastersSuper PaurinColton and the Wolfman 5/6
Draft MastersSuper PaurinColton and the Wolfman 5/3
High StakesSuper PaursinNPRL-STL
Big LeagueSuper PaurinLegends League 1990s
AudiblePaurinColton and the Wolfman 2/11
AudibleSuper PaursinColton and the Wolfman 2/25
Draft MastersSuper PaurinColton and the Wolfman 1/28
Draft Slot123456789101112

15 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonSuper PaursinChamps League
Full SeasonPaur- RTSportsinCTW Listener League
Full SeasonJeff PaurinCTW Turkey Bowl
Full SeasonSuper PaursinMonkeys Business
Full SeasonLittle P'sinPower Football League
PlayoffSuper PaursinMonkey Business Playoff Challeng
PlayoffSuper PaursinRTFS Family Challenge
Football Mock Draftpower18inGColton Mock

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