Nickname: rotoknick
Fantasy Player Rank: #33

130 Money League Teams

High StakesKNICK ROCKERinHS 125 4hr I
High StakesVERENAinHS 125 4hr II
Dynasty RotoFIRE EYESinMVP Dynasty
Dynasty RotoKNICKSinRotoHeads
Dynasty H2HA KNICK AinDiamond Minds
Dynasty H2HSARAHinSoler Power
Grand SlamYANK KNICKinMLB Grand Slam 250
Grand SlamC KNICK BinGS 125 4hr IV
Grand SlamDealinGS 125 4hr II
Grand SlamEyes of the WorldinGS 125 4hr V
Grand SlamHANNAHinGS 125 4hr I
Big LeagueJIBinEarly Draft One
Big LeagueDOUBLE E DoubleinBL 50 4hr II
Big LeagueDR. HERINGinBL 50 4hr VI
Big LeagueLet's Go 7inBL 50 4hr V
Big LeagueMAD MAXinBL 50 4hr I
Big LeaguePOLAR BEARinBL 50 4hr III
Big LeagueROTO DEVILinThe Senior Circuit
Big LeagueSTARLING SILVERinPick a Winner
Big LeagueYankee MystiqueinAL Only Let's Get It!
Big LeagueAuntie SarahinBL 30 4hr IV
Big LeagueBOMBA MOMMAinLike you got something better to
Big LeagueCOOKIE C.inBL 30 4hr XI
Big LeagueCULLIEinBL 30 4hr II
Big LeaguedeGrominatorinBaseball 101
Big LeagueHERONSinBL 30 4hr VII
Big LeagueLOVEYinBL 30 4hr I
Big LeagueNOAHinAL I wanna do is draft
Big LeaguePICKLEinFirst NL BIg League 2022
Big LeaguePOPPYinBL 30 4hr III
Big LeaguePORTSMOUTHinBL 30 4hr VI
Big LeagueWhat the BUCKinBL 30 4hr XII
Draft & HoldDUBLINinHold My Beer
Draft & HoldGE QUEENinDrafter Holiday
Draft & HoldZURICHinNever Too Early
Triple PlayChina DollinTP 250 Competitive League
Triple PlayNIKOLASinNever Too Early to Draft
Triple PlayWharf RatinSilver Slugers
Triple PlayAltheainTP100 4hr League
Triple PlayBrokedown PalaceinEast Coast Baseball League
Triple PlayKnickerbockersinTP 100 with Trades
Triple PlayKNICKS TPinOffense or Defense
Triple PlayMARTINIinTP 100 With Trading
Triple PlayRippleinMoneyBall
Triple PlayTHE KNICKinTP 100 4hr I
Triple PlayBOPAinTP 50 4hr XI
Triple PlayCAPinTP 50 4hr XIII
Triple PlayCHAPPYinTP 50 4hr VI
Triple PlayCOLEinTP 50 4hr I
Triple PlayDJLMinTP 50 4hr IV
Triple PlayGLEYBERinTP 50 4hr VIII
Triple PlayGOING VIRULinSummer Days
Triple PlayHIGGYinTP 50 4hr X
Triple PlayJUDGEinTP 50 4hr II
Triple PlayKNICKERS 1inSunday Special
Triple PlayLEAMOSinLong Ball FBL
Triple PlayMONTYinTP 50 4hr V
Triple PlayNIKOinTP 50 4hr XII
Triple PlayRIZZOinTP 50 4hr IX
Triple PlaySTANTONinTP 50 4hr III
Triple PlaySTYMIEDinThe League MLB
Triple PlayTRAMPLEinSaturday special
Triple PlayURSHELAinTP 50 4hr VII
Triple PlayAIKO AIKOinTP 20 4hr XXVI
Triple PlayBAMBERGinTP 20 4hr XI
Triple PlayBAVARIAinTP 20 4hr II
Triple PlayBERLINinTP 20 4hr I
Triple PlayBILL and MICKEYinTP 20 4hr XX
Triple PlayBOBBYinTP 20 4hr XVI
Triple PlayBox of RaininSunday Night
Triple PlayCAPTAIN TinTP 20 4hr XV
Triple PlayCassidyinTP 20 4hr XXIX
Triple PlayCOPENHAGENinTP 20 4hr VII
Triple PlayDark StarinTP 20 4hr XXVII
Triple PlayDeutschlandinTP 20 4hr VI
Triple PlayDONNA JEANinTP 20 4hr XIX
Triple PlayDRUMZinTP 20 4hr XXII
Triple PlayEINDHOVENinTP 20 4hr X
Triple PlayFranklins TowerinTP 20 4hr XXVIII
Triple PlayJOHN MAHERinTP 20 4hr XXI
Triple PlayLet PHIL SinginTP 20 4hr XVII
Triple PlayLong Strange TripinTP 20 4hr XXV
Triple PlayLoose LucyinIt ain't over till it's over.
Triple PlayMUNICHinTP 20 4hr XIII
Triple PlayPeggy-OinNational League
Triple PlayPIGPENinTP 20 4hr XVIII
Triple PlaySALZBURGinTP 20 4hr IX
Triple PlayShip of FoolsinBoys of Summer
Triple PlaySindelfingeninTP 20 4hr V
Triple PlaySPACEinTP 20 4hr XXIII
Triple PlayStuttgartinTP 20 4hr IV
Triple PlaySugareeinAmerican League
Triple PlayTennessee JedinSaturday Night
Triple PlayTerrapininTP 20 4hr XXIV
Triple PlayTHE DEADinTP 20 4hr XIV
Triple PlayUCHTELHAUSENinTP 20 4hr III
Triple PlayVIENNAinTP 20 4hr VIII
Triple PlayWURZBURGinTP 20 4hr XII
Best BallAROUND THE HORNinBest Ball Championship 1050
Best BallBilingual BoysinBest Ball Championship 967
Best BallBUNTinBest Ball Championship 1058
Best BallCHA CHA CHAinBest Ball Championship 1015
Best BallJOHANNAinBest Ball Championship 1044
Best BallMR. MAGOOinBest Ball Championship 1036
Best BallSMILEYinBest Ball Championship 1038
AudibleMAXAMILLIONinEarly best ball
Draft MastersHIDDEN BALL TRICKinBest Ball 50 4hr I
Draft MastersDOUBLE STEALinBest Ball 20 4hr II
Draft MastersFROZENinNL ONLY
Draft MastersGERMANYinBest Ball 20 4hr I
Draft MastersHIT and RUNinDM2hrRoto
Draft MastersNO TANGOinNL ONLY
Draft MastersPARALYZEDinDM Roto 20 4hr II
Draft MastersPICK OFFinNL ONLY
Draft MastersSAC FLYinDM Roto 20 4hr III
Draft MastersSAFETY SQUEEZEinDM Roto 20 4hr IV
Draft MastersSTEADFASTinDM Roto 20 4hr I
DimesAMSTERDAMinDimes Best Ball 332
DimesAPELDOORNinDimes Best Ball 334
DimesBORDEAUXinDimes Best Ball 328
DimesLONDONinDimes Best Ball 331
DimesMICKEY 2022inDimes Best Ball 324
DimesPARISinDimes Best Ball 330
DimesROTTERDAMinDimes Best Ball 333
DimesSTAND PATinDimes Best Ball 327
DimesSUSPENDED IN TIMEinDimes Best Ball 325
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonKnicksinPigtails and Pigskin Football Lea

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