Nickname: sprinklerboy
Fantasy Player Rank: #374
Fans: 3

29 Money League Teams

High Stakesjabba the butt 9in6 characters
DynastyFat BastardinDynasty With Trading
All-Projabba the butt 3inDrop Back QB League
All-Projabba the butt 4inRED-ZONE JUNKIES!
All-ProJabba the butt 6inLet's Get It On
All-AmericanJabba the butt 5inThe Citadel
All-Americanjabba the buttinThe Greatest League Ever
All-Americanjabba the butt 1inGo for broke!
All-Americanjabba the butt 2inDon't be afraid to FLEX
All-AmericanJabba the butt 7inUp and good!
All-Americanjabba the butt 8inCHEAP AND STUPID
All-Americanjabba the butt xinWINCHESTER 73'
Triple Playfat bastardinTP 20 8hr X
Triple Playfat bastard 1inTP 20 4hr X
Triple Playfat bastard 2inTP 20 8hr XIV
Triple Playfat bastard 3inTP 20 8hr XV
Triple Playfat bastard 4inPhans of the Phanatic
Triple Playfat bastard 5inBraut Lot
Triple Playfat bastard 6inMLB 2019
Triple Playfat bastard 7inTP 20 4hr XXII
Big Leagueball boys 3inBL 50 8hr VIII
Big Leagueball boys 7inRoto Warriors
Big Leagueball boys 8inKing of the Diamond
Big Leagueball boysinBL 30 8hr XIII
Big Leagueball boys 1inBL 30 2hr XVI
Big Leagueball boys 2inBL 30 8hr XVIII
Big Leagueball boys 4inMilwaukee Braves
Big Leagueball boys 5inBig Papi Could Still Play
Big Leagueball boys 6inBL 30 2hr XX
Draft Slot123456789101112

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