Nickname: wino1029
Fantasy Player Rank: #1216
Fans: 1

45 Money League Teams

All-AmericanBaker Train DerailedinThose Who Stand For The Flag
All-AmericanBONEYARDinTony Pollard time
All-AmericanBrohaminFootball Nerds
All-AmericanChum BucketinTD's and Beer
All-AmericanChump ChillainBrowns Fans Unite
All-AmericanDawg Poundinbaker mayfield
All-AmericanField Dayin4th and goal
All-AmericanFlappy JackinFantasy Football Stars
All-AmericanJack SquatinDeal Makers
All-AmericanMcSkippyinCome on Feel the Noise
All-AmericanNeed a New BakerinThirsty Thursday 2
All-AmericanPutridinFootball Life
All-AmericanScootin PoochesinLombardi League
All-AmericanSeymour Buttsin*OPEN*
All-AmericanSlinkyinThe Fantasy Draft Room
All-AmericanSquatchinMontana Vs Brady
All-AmericanStanky LeginThursday Morning Football
All-AmericanSteelers SuckinA Fistful of Dollars
All-AmericanThe Flatulatorinfantasy7
All-AmericanWoofinIn the Zone
AudibleJack WeedsinFriday Night Draft Party
AudiblePadawansinlets do this
AudiblePicky NickinCreatures of the Night
AudiblePoopy PantsinTueNiteDraft
AudibleSlick WillieinHOOKED ON A THIELEN
AudibleSpank CityinDraft week
AudibleSpazz Monkeyinsflex slow fun
AudibleThe Big LamarskiinDraftmasters 20round- Superflex
Draft MastersCellar DwellerinSit and Go 20 CXVII
Draft MastersCHUBBYinThe Kitchen of Bakers
Draft MastersClutchinSupraShark League
Draft MastersFear the LakeinBest Ball NOW XXVI
Draft MastersFlaky JakeinMonday Mojo
Draft MastersFly ByinBakers Kingdom
Draft MastersInjured ReserveinFootbaw Luncheon
Draft MastersJabber JawsinBest Ball NOW LXXXV
Draft MastersJack WeedsinGrapes of Wrath
Draft MastersMaster BlasterinJeff Brohm Football League
Draft MastersOrange WaveinWilbur Marshall Football League
Draft MastersPicker JoeinBest Ball NOW LXXXII
Draft MastersScallywaginBest Ball NOW XXI
Draft MastersScum BagsinWild Wednesday BB Mania 8-21-19
Draft MastersSkynardinslow4hr
Draft MastersWe Suck AgaininBest Ball NOW LXXXVII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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