Nickname: Gtmoney
Fantasy Player Rank: #815
Fans: 8

14 Money League Teams

All-ProBrady OutlawsinLast Chance League
All-ProCan you Diggs itin$100 Slow Draft PPR Trading
All-ProJulio let the dogs outinFantasy Enrichment Center
All-ProThree headed monsterinNFL DAWGZ
All-AmericanGt ballers 2inMidwest Ballers
All-AmericanMake America great agaiinSaturday Draft
All-AmericanStuck like chuckinPhilly Special Invitational
AudibleGt ballers 7inNFL-Not For Losers-NFL DM
AudibleGt3inBottom Of The Barrel
AudibleGt ballersinDrafting fun
AudibleTeam BeastinThursday night fun

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonWonderlickersinMS FINEST

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